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Justice? Brighton's Campaign in Defiance of the Criminal Injustice Act

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Hunt Sabs 151
Footie Fans 44
Road Protestors 18
Travellers# 11
Tree Defenders 11
Environmentalists 6
No Live Exports 3
Fascist Printers 2
Peace Campaigners 1
* at least 500 arrested under the 1986 Public Order Act this year
# not including grief and harassment



One woman was hospitalised and two arrested when riot police jumped 'No M11' protesters as they left a TV studio last week.

Kennington Tactical Support Group (TSG) were wailing outside LWT's studios after Richard Littlejohn's Live and Uncut show had conducted a "farcical debate" on the roads programme. Protesters had stormed the stage (Cue Ads!) spraying silly string and holding the banner "LIVE AND DIRECT ACTION!". They were escorted out by Group 4 security to waiting police. No-one from Group 4 admits to calling them.

"The Police jumped out of the van, truncheon's ready, ten on one man in seconds. I went to help and that's when I got hit', said Pob, who is recovering from neck and skull injuries after two days in St Thomas' Hospital. At first Kennington police denied the incident had occurred. When they were told that there was photo evidence, they backtracked and claimed there had been a "minor incident to clear rowdy protestors".

One woman was thrown against a wall and knocked unconscious and several others attacked. Heather, an M11er and a member of the NUJ had her camera smashed but the film survived and the last picture is of a large hand ... and an identification number.

Aileen, a Wanstead resident against the No M11 Link, was invited on to the programme. "It was farcical - he was championing the road lobby despite ITC code of practice which stares he 'must treat the running of the show impartially'. The little shit bag was inciting hatred, marginalisation - the typical sort of thing," said Aileen. "It was a setup from beginning to end. All of this put together looks very dodgy." Pob, now sporting a neck brace, is scared. "They are gonna shoot us next, someone's going to die".

That night Kennington TSG inflicted the same injuries to the 22-year-old man who died of a fractured skull in the same hospital. Meanwhile it was announced on Wednesday that the Metropolitan police are to be issued with body armour and more police will be armed with CS gas and soon, 20-inch batons for their "personal protection". The number of petrol cars carrying guns will double. Expect to see more tragedies.


Summer's here and people wanna party! But not if the powers that be have their way. The Criminal Justice Act (CJA) has been used for the first time to stop a party and confiscate vehicles and sound systems. On (RA)VE day, while the country was celebrating freedom from oppression, police moved in to halt a three-day 'leaving party' on a soon-to-be evicted traveller sire in Rendlesham Forest. Suffolk.

On Monday about 80 officers - backed up by 100 riot police - moved on to the site. They claimed to have received 200 noise complaints even though there are no houses for miles. One, raver commented 'They fly airplanes all day around here, they're pretty noisy but no-one confiscates their equipment." Road blocks were set up on the Sunday turning party - goers away. Cheba City Sounds had their vehicles and sound equipment confiscated and Virus and Giba had their amps taken. Some coppers said they didn't want to do this but had orders from above. Four people were arrested for conspiracy to cause a public nuisance.

"A rave is an unlicensed gathering of 100 of more people, in the open aim which amplified music ("sounds wholly or predominately characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive bears') is played during the night. If an outdoor festival or rave has not been licensed the police can stop it. It is a criminal offence (with a maximum sentence of three months) if a person refused to leave the site of such an event. New powers enable the police to confiscate sound system equipment. Police can arrest anyone whom they 'believe' is going to such an event. Now the hunt sab season is over is it time for a clampdown on ravers?

· In North Wales a party of 600 people danced over the weekend. Local bobbies didn't seem that interested. Police kept a distance, hiring a helicopter. As one sound system was leaving police pulled them over and confiscated their equipment under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 for public nuisance. Having discovered that this law was in adequate the police are now claiming the CJA was quoted and notice given to leave the land. The entire youth of the village was at the rave and only a handful of complaints were made.

· Three weeks ago in Loughborough police stopped a party using the illegal camping sections of the CJA because a marquee had been set up on a site

· In Brighton parties have been happening on the beach every week without any problems. A spokesman for Sussex Police said "We are all for people enjoying themselves. If people are behaving themselves and not causing a nuisance, we are not going to destroy peoples fun". Other forces take note, at least Sussex Police realise ravers aren't criminals.

United Sound Systems 0171 652 5602/0181 959 7525

Keep JULY 7th free - pass it on...

crap arrests of the week

· Man arrested at Shoreham for hitting policeman with woolly hat! That must have hurt

· A protester at Dover was arrested for holding an "extremely offensive" banner (YOU CUNTS!). The protester was deaf and couldn't hear the police shouting at him. When a friend and someone else tried to help communicate with him, they were also arrested.

· Laughing is not a criminal offence!

Shoreham protestor Dan Johnson who was nicked for the crime of 'playing hopscotch and joking' back in January was acquitted this week. Brighton magistrates ruled that the men from the Met lied about Dan "spitting" and "screaming like a lunatic" and now he will sue them for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.

Call SchNEWS with your crap arrests - they make us laugh!


"You can't evict the spirit! - you can't even tickle it!"

The No M65 Campaign celebrated a year of protest yesterday with a walk of defiance from Cinder Path Woods to Stanworth Valley, Feniscoles nr Blackburn - site of Britain's longest post-war eviction which ended last Friday. At the final count there had been 63 arrests. They used ladders, knives on poles, two teams of mountain rescue climbers, hundreds of police, bailiffs and private security two cherry-pickers, two caterpillars, miles of fencing, a press blackout, and several hundred thousand pounds of tax-payers money to plough through ancient woodland and continue the government's insane 16 billion roads programme. Will they ever get the plot?

"It was like Jurassic Park - huge yellow cherry pickersaurus and prehistoric attitudes."

"You've been quogged!" (Cheers went up as the cherrypicker was stuck in the mud for two hours)

"It took God seven days to create the Earth and you can't even evict a valley in five!"

"Climber, can you move aside a second" (Message to the mountain rescue climbers before a pile of slop was tipped on ascending bailiffs)

"Down! Down!" (the bailiffs, moments later)

"Group 4 Securitas! You are helping to destroy our and your children's future by protecting this site. Shame on you, we hope you sleep well at night" (posted on every tree)

"The Sheriff is a liar" (daily clarion call to Lancashire Under-Sheriff Andrew Wilson who protestors charge with endangering life)


Treeless? Lonely and depressed? Why not join other like-minded individuals? Why not try fabulous Fairmile! Tree-houses have been erected along the 16 mile long A30 road "improvement" near Exeter. Yet another Euroroute in disguise, it is one of the first roads to be put out "to tender" by the government who are having difficulty in finding anyone to take it on. Shame. Will private investors be able to afford the cost of a major direct action campaign? Go and find out for yourself. 01392 438015/0385 278157


Construction work is set to commence this Monday on the A299 Thanet Way in Kent. The County Council have stopped archaeological work on the 12 km route, which will cost 65 million (already 10 million over budget). People needed urgently to occupy trees, houses and an air raid shelter along the route! 01635 521 770

M11 10 million
M65 2.4 million
*excluding security costs which are part of original contract (eg M77) Hit them where it really hurts - their pockets.


The government's attempt to criminalise peaceful protest has suffered another blow. Hampshire police dropped charges of aggravated trespass against 6 people who were trying to stop the desecration of a memorial to Canadian servicemen who died in World War 11. 350 sycamore trees were planted in their memory and cut down last month. Tree-huggers were charged instead with breaking local traffic regulations. The offence was so obscure that the prosecution hadn't heard of it and had to wait for the Crown Prosecution Service to fax through details of the charge! 'Next Court appearance is June 12th at 10.45 am, where they will decide if they have enough evidence to continue with this farcical case.


It was a VE Day celebration with a message: "We have gathered with the most peaceful of intentions to honour the brave men and women who fought and died to keep this island free from a totalitarian police state". And so it was that 300 people arrived at Stonehenge before daybreak on Monday forming a giant ring round the monument, singing, drumming and dancing. English Heritage were powerless to stop the (oh no!) mingling of protestors and tourists who were ecstatic at the chance to visit this 'jewel in the landscape" unhindered by fences or prohibitive admission charges. Happy happy day.

JUNE 1st, Wiltshire - Day of Peaceful action in remembrance of the Battle of the Beanfield. Ten years of Criminal Injustice. Contact Freedom Network 0171 738 6721.


Jim Chambers still on remand for alleged criminal damage to aroad construction site PV2504.

Chris Cole inside for six months for breaking an injunction against British Aerospace PBO 538. Both at HMP Pentonville Prison, Caledonian Road, London, N7 8TIT

Tracey Hart for criminal damage to perimeter fence of Menwith Hill Spy Base in Yorkshire. Low Newton Women's Prison, Brasside, Durham, DH1 55D.

pHreak BBS - 9171 434 3800
Web - http//www.mistral.co.uk/cbuzz
Or email address below to be on e-mailout


There will be more live animal exports from Dover starting this week as The Northern Cruiser which has been exporting from Shoreham starts using the port. Protests are expected to escalate

*** Greenpeace activists have squatted a Northsea Oil platform owned by Shell! They're promising to stay till September if necessary to stop the company dumping the platform - which is contaminated with toxic materials - in the sea. In the last 30 years, Shell have done lots of environmental damage to the lands of ethnic groups, on the Niger Delta. Hundreds of these people have died after Shell have called in troops to control protesting people. Shells AGM is on the 18th of May - be there and let the shareholders know what's really going on. For info. contact Earth First! 0171 254 2290

*** 38 people who were arrested at a SHUT SELLAFIELD! blockade last June had their court cases in the last week. All but one were found guilty of obstructing the highway and charged about 150 each. Tel: 01706 371387 ***

Party and Protest

FRI 12th-14th DiY Conference somewhere in Manchester including Liberty legal briefing about the CJA on the Saturday 0171 738 6721

SAT 13th Procession to stop the extension of Ashton Court Quarry in Bristol Bristol Friends of the Earth 0117 942 0129

SUN 14th Huge Reclaim the Streets party! 0171 254 2290 - As seen in the Times!

FRI 19th - 21st Duneichan Free Festival, East Coast of Scotland.

THUR 18th SHELL AGM London Earth First. 0171 254 2290

THURS 18th Glasgow Road Action 0141 946 270

FRI 19th-28th Amazon Festival. Menwith Hill Womens Peace Camp. women only 0585329313

SUN 21st Mass trespass somewhere near Lewes, East Sussex 01273 685913

MON 22nd Mass digger dive at the No M77 Pollok Free State in Glasgow 0141226 5066

WED 24th Club pashm @ The Warehouse, Brighton 1.50

FRI 26th - 30th Earth Spirit Spring Awakening Camp, Crowborough, Sussex 01323 811632

MON 29th Maidstone Green Fair Noon till 8pm Mote Park, Maidstone

FRI JUNE 2nd Calling all peoples! SchNEWS half birfday @New Kensington, Brighton.

and Finally

Zealots, airheads, dysfunctional anarchists, supreme idealists? We've been called it all and yet this week...
93% voted trees not tarmac Ceefax
95% of callers were in favour of non-violent direct action Call Nic Ross - Radio 4
92% voted police were wrong to hold up a help export lorries get to Dover

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Justice? meet every wednesday 7pm @ the (71) grand parade squat

Shoreham? Dover? Radio 4? Granarchy In the UK!

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