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You don’t have to wait ‘til Mayday to get into a beef with burger-barbarians McDonald’s it seems. McRage has exploded across the globe.  OK, well, there were two separate incidents in the US last week of police called to restrain angry people trashing branches of the ever popular cardiac inducing, rainforest trashing junk merchants.

But this time it wasn’t black block hooligans pumped up on anti-corporate propaganda and deranged by the inadequacies of their vegan diets. Nope... it’s was customers turn to have a pop.

In Toledo, Ohio, a woman punched her way through the drive-thru window because of a shortage of chicken nuggets. She got nicked but not so another customer who ran amok in a Kansas City branch, throwing a bucket of water over staff and smashing three cash registers.

Apparently her burger was ‘sub standard’. She is still at large (and quite possibly supersized).


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