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Another Smash EDO activist finally won his legal battle with the authorities this week. Ceri Gibbons was acting as a legal observer at the Carnival Against the Arms Trade back in June 2008 (SchNEWS 634) Despite the fact that he was clearly wearing a hi-vis jacket labelled Legal Observer, he was arrested for a minor public order offence. It was only while he was in custody that the charge was changed to “conspiracy to commit criminal damage”.

He was released 30 hours later, after his house was searched and with strict bail conditions to stop him protesting. Dithering plod eventually charged him with an entirely different offence in November 2009 - “failing to follow the route of a public procession” as well as resisting arrest.

‘Resisting arrest’ went out the window when video footage clearly showed Ceri getting punched in the ribs by one cop who’d managed to lose his shoulder numbers. The other charge was thrown out this week as an “abuse of process”. Mr Gibbons says he intends to participate fully in the next Smash EDO demonstration but “will be dressed in black and wearing a mask”


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