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For migrants in the squats and camps of Calais, the Christmas period has provided no let up from police harassment and brutality.

On Christmas Eve, showers set up for the migrants were set on fire by mystery arsonists - the day after they opened. On the 30th, police raided Ethiopia House, the African squat housing refugees from the destruction of Eritrean, Sudanese and Ethiopian squats and camps. They made 28 arrests.

As the freezing weather came in with the new year, the squat was raided again and police arrested around 50 of those who couldn’t run away or hide. By the evening, all but four had been released.

Activists report that police continually harass the migrants of Ethiopia House, the Arab squat and the Hazara jungle, even resorting to nicking migrants that leave the shelters to urinate.
Following a busy Christmas, numbers are low in the No Borders camp. Activists are having difficulty effectively monitoring the police and urgently need more volunteers.

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