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A hangar set up to provide a gathering space for migrants in Calais (See SchNEWS 709) remains closed after a judicial decision. The hangar (really a small warehouse) was set up as a gathering space for No Borders activists and migrants. It was rapidly shut down by France’s riot cops, the CRS. The hangar is now locked up with a police van permanently on station outside. Meanwhile the town’s Afghan Pashtun population is camping out on the steps of the BCMO cold-weather shelter, which only opens when the weather drops to a brass monkey’s minus five. Other migrant groups hang on in squats and makeshift encampments around town.

No Borders activists are still on the ground though, improvising both humanitarian and political actions. One just back told SchNEWS “There’s loads to do here - you don’t need any special skills, just being here with the migrants helps to deter random police attacks, but any paramedics with fluent Arabic would be most welcome.”

* To get involved with Calais migrant solidarity check out or phone 0033 699 746 155

Keywords: asylum seekers, calais, migrants, no borders, refugees, solidarity


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