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If you’re going to San Francisco be sure not to wear flowers in your hair. Haight Ashbury may have been the place to tune in and freak out on Kesey’s acid test back in ‘67, but long-haired free-spirited drifters no longer need apply.

The original flower-power, bell-bottomed crowd dropped straight back in, became the baby boom generation and settled down to work for the Man in Alice’s Restaurant in return for a comfortable Californian lifestyle and a smarter car than a hemp-powered VW camper van.

So locals no longer want to see draft-dodging bohemians and psychedelic visionaries strumming guitars on the pavement, clogging up vital thoroughfares with their chilled vibes and relaxed attitude to life.

The Man is bringing down some bad karma as the squares from ‘Haight Ashbury Improvement Association’ have gotten off on a real paranoid trip and are hassling for like, more CCTV cameras ‘n shit. The city mayor is now pushing for a ‘far out’ law to ban, er all lying or even sitting on pavements.

Version one of the draconian sit-lie bill would like totally bust all stationary pavement lack-of-activity in 20 key commercial corridors whilst version two would ban it, well, everywhere.

Like, what a bummer man - time for some sit-down protests while you still can, dude...


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