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Joe Glenton, a British soldier who came to his (somewhat shattered) senses after a seven month tour of duty in Afghanistan and became a conscientious objector, has been sentenced to nine months in a military prison.

Joe did a bunk from his unit in 2007 after being refused treatment for post traumatic stress disorder, only returning to the UK in 2009, to make himself even more unpopular with top brass by speaking at an anti-war rally (see SchNEWS 699). He then handed himself in.

Although charged with a range of offences, at February’s preliminary hearing the ‘disobeying a lawful order’ charge was dropped and desertion reduced to going AWOL. Joe’s lawyer believes this may have been to avoid the unwanted publicity a defence questioning the legality of the war (and hence legality of orders) would have caused.

This week (5th) he was convicted on the AWOL and given nine months, presumably to act as a deterrent to any other disillusioned soldiers.

Messages of support to: Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, Military Corrective Training Centre, Berechurch Hall Camp, Colchester CO2 9NU

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