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A women in New Zealand has found a specter-tacular great new way to raise cash for animals. She claimed that during an exorcism of her house she somehow ‘captured’ the ghosts of an old man and a young girl, then managed to suspend them in holy water before handily decanting them to two glass vials.

She then proceeded to sell their immortal remains by online auction. The phantom apparitions were swiftly snapped up for $2,000 (in line with the the well-known inverse-stupidity law of the general public).

Given the exorcism cost only $100, she’s quids in – although she good-spiritedly donated all proceeds to an animal charity.

The buyers are probably still haunted by the rash nature of their purchase. Trying to figure out what to do with them before demons come to reclaim them for the other side is now a wraith against time.


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