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This week Brighton-based direct action group Smash EDO went truly international, speaking in Tel Aviv with Bernadine Dohrn, an ex-member of the Weather Underground.

At a public meeting of Israeli anti-occupation activists, the groups discussed actions of active solidarity, particularly the decommissioning of EDO that took place during last year’s Operation Cast Lead attack on Gaza (See SchNEWS 663).

The two groups shared common ground in resistance to US arms giant ITT, talking about anti-arms trade actions spanning several decades - and employing a wide variety of tactics - as well as the future of anti-occupation campaigning.

Smash EDO showed videos of its demos against Brighton’s bomb factory - EDO/ITT - with Tel Aviv activists being particularly struck by the campaign’s strategies for resisting police repression and FIT tactics.

* For an audio recording of the meeting see

* For info about ITT and corporate complicity in Palestine see and


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