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 JUN 1st – It’s the ‘silver jubilee’ of the Battle of Beanfield  – 25 years to the day since cops dealt travellers one of the most vicious beatings in living memory. Yes, we perversely decided to make a big retrospective deal of it on the landmark 24th anniversary (see SchNEWS 678) so instead SchMOVIES will be showing the Beanfield documentary ‘Operation Solstice’ at the Cowley Club, 12 London Rd Brighton from 8pm. Free / donations.

** 2nd - Brighton Campaigns Network: SchMOVIES & dirt digging Brighton newsletter, Rough Music offer up a night of networking, movies, stalls and a DJ all packed into the Cowley Club. Films of local actions include Smash EDO, Lewes Rd Community Garden, Titnore Woods and Calais Migrant Solidarity.

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