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Colombian oil workers have occupied a processing facility following the breakdown of negotiations with human-rights threshing machine BP.

Last Friday (21st) workers moved on the site in Casanare, blocking all building works carried out in the complex. Although the workers have allowed production work to continue unhindered, BP responded with a propaganda barrage claiming they have sabotaged negotiations by intimidating production workers and blocking food and water deliveries for those inside.

The conflict between the oil workers and BP has continued since the start of the year when workers began a campaign for better pay and conditions. In February a workers strike was brutally broken up by riot police (see SchNEWS 711).

The latest round of talks between the workers and BP collapsed at the start of the month when BP attempted to stall talks until late June.

Colombia solidarity activists are planning a picket outside BP HQ in St James Square in London on Wednesday 2nd of June. They are also urging activists to take autonomous action against BP wherever it is to be found.

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Send messages of solidarity to the workers and community via email:

In the Gulf of Mexico, meanwhile, a fully occupied BP would love an oil stoppage as they go for ‘Top Kill’...

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