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Earlier this year around 70 women detainees at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre went on hunger strike in protest against their treatment at the hands of the immigration authorities and their contracted minions. The strike ended after 40 days, during which time the women were subjected to brutal and humiliating treatment and many were removed to Holloway prison (see SchNEWS 709).

Of the 25 women who are still in contact with migrant rights groups, 13 have now been released. However, seven remain in detention – four of them in prison – and two of the key hunger strikers, who had pending civil claims against the Yarl’s Wood authorities and were instrumental in preventing the removal of other women, have been deported. You can hear the full story of these valiant women’s struggle for basic human rights at Women’s Hunger Strike – Louder than Words, June 29th, committee Room 8, House of Commons, London.

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