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The far right EDL plan to seize the streets of Bradford next Saturday (28th) in an attempt to intimidate the Asian population. Two days later, the race hate group English Nationalist Alliance think that they’re coming to Brighton for a day out by the seaside on Monday August 30th.

Springing from the embers of the March for England group (see SchNEWS 720) the all-new ENA, (organised by exactly the same people) are heading for Brighton to take a stand against “Palestinian militants and socialist extremists” because apparently: “Anti-English activities and militant students need to know their place” and the group wish “to support the English people of the region against the constant anti-English activities in the area”. Despite having been in the area for over sixteen years now, SchNEWS has still yet to witness any similar activity in its extremely white hometown. Check out their website at, if for no other reason than to burst out laughing at their poetry - Beowulf it ain’t.

At the moment, details of the event are pretty sketchy, apart from a 12.30pm start. Most of the far-right will be planning to be in Bradford the previous Saturday. Local anti-fascists have put out a call out for a counter-mobilisation. Contact

* Leeds Anti-Fascist Network are calling for an independent counter demonstration against the EDL in Bradford city centre on the 28th. Assemble at 11am – for details see and

* See SchNEWS next week for report.


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