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While Titnore Woods are safe for the moment (see SchNEWS 714) - with a revised development plan for the area expected soon - a part of the South Downs near to the Iron Age fort at Cissbury Ring is not. Last autumn, Worthing Borough council tried to sell the land near Cissbury. The sale was only stopped at the eleventh hour by a massive public outcry, however the council promise to include the community in decision-making about the land seems hollow.

So to remind the council that the matter hasn’t been forgotten, the Worthing Downlanders (previously known as Stop The Cissbury Sell-Off) are to hold a ‘Protest And Picnic’. Meet at Broadwater Green (opposite the Fire Station, on the A24 one mile north of Worthing) at 12 noon, September 4th – bring banners and food. We must save our downland heritage.

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