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Shell to Sea activists on the west coast of Ireland have got all touchy-feely in their battle against the boreholes (see SchNEWS 734, 733, 731) by engaging in a spot of “drill hugging”.

Last Thursday (12th), a bagpiper and drummer led people from the local community alongside solidarity campers in a low tide march to one of Shell’s drilling rigs. They surrounded the drill casing and after a quick dance, huddled round in a group hug, effectively shutting down the drill.

At around 5pm, I-RMS security guards forcibly removed the remaining drill-huggers and blocked their attempts to re-take it. Meanwhile, Shell fired the drill back up, even as the tussles continued.

* Shell to Sea campaigner Neil Harnett has been released after serving 118 days for putting his hand on a Garda who was dragging a protester caught up in fencing.

* See


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