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The camp at Huntington Lane in Shropshire (see SchNEWS 734) is about to get busy. UK Coal are to be issued an Environmental License at the end of August so that mining can begin on the site. Things are moving quickly with farmers being asked to move their livestock, jobs being advertised locally and the water supply already connected.

The proposed mine is a major threat to the local environment as well as a blot on the landscape nearby the beautiful Wrekin Hill. It will cause noise and dust pollution to locals and the coal extracted from the mine will eventually be burnt at power stations, releasing millions of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The crew at the camp have been down there putting up defences and spreading the word for the last six months. The issue of an eviction notice is now imminent. The camp needs your support: bodies, tools, lock-on gear (padlocks, D-locks) water and food are all needed.

The site is at New Works Lane, Telford, Shropshire. Nearest train station is Wellington (Telford West). Call 07503 583419 or 07727 29523

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