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The ghosts of Mainshill past have been haunting the South Lanarkshire open-cast coal mine these last two weeks. In the early hours of Monday (18th) morning, poltergeist activity included the D-locking of the gate of an access road, the repainting of a Works Traffic sign with the words ‘Stop Coal Chaos!’ and the Jackson Pollock-ing of a security building.

On Wednesday last week (13th), the site’s haulage gate was found mysteriously locked, preventing coal trucks entering the site and transporting coal to the Ravenstruther Rail Head. The Mainshill action camp was evicted last January (see SchNEWS 707).

Elsewhere in the Douglas Valley of South Lanarkshire, four earth movers, two dump trucks and an explosives handling truck were sabotaged at Broken Cross Open Cast Mine on Sunday (17th). The mine is one of three active pits in the valley. Scottish Coal has plans for three more.



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