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SchNEWS is, as ever, financially desperate. We’ve been getting by for years flogging T Shirts, doing benefit gigs and the occasional big donation. A few folk have been good enough to set up direct debits giving us anything from a pound to a tenner a month. Our thanks to you all.

Although it hasn’t been down to a massive over-leveraging based on easy but illusionary forms of cheap credit, we are, nonetheless, according to our in-depth financial forecasts, gonna be well brassic by Xmas.

Back in the day the Levellers (remember them?) used to give us a free office space; but now we have to rent one with real money, even if it does help to support our local radical social centre, the Cowley Club. That’s three grand a year from us - a volunteer newsletter. That’s before we start forking out for printing, phone bills, broadband and bourbons.

Anyway the point is that we need a more regular income so we can keep bringing you bang up to date direct action news from around the world. We need a hundred people (at least) to sign up to giving us two pounds a month.

Please help us in our hour of need. All money we are given (and more) gets used in fighting the good fight and none gets syphoned off to plug the large gap in our pension fund.

The easiest way to donate is via Paypal but they do take a small cut.

The best way is to set up a regular direct debit to:

The Co-operative Bank
P.O. Box 101
1 Balloon Street
M60 4EP
Account Name: Justice
Account no.: 50084500
Sort Code: 089025


Subscribe to SchNEWS: Send 1st Class stamps (e.g. 10 for next 9 issues) or donations (payable to Justice?). Or £15 for a year's subscription, or the SchNEWS supporter's rate, £1 a week. Ask for "originals" if you plan to copy and distribute. SchNEWS is post-free to prisoners.