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The EDL fascist freakshow rolled up in Peterborough last Saturday (11th), with a crowd of over 500 turning up to spit out their usual hatred and nonsense.

Around a hundred gathered for a union-organised counter demo, reinforced by 150 mostly Muslim youths as they reached the city centre. Hundreds more assembled to protect the local mosques and Muslim areas.

At one point around 100 rabid racists broke away from the main pack and tried to attack the counter-protesters. The anti-fascists stood their ground and repelled the attack.

The day also saw mockney munter and de facto EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon (or good ol’ Tommy ‘from the block’ Robinson as he prefers to be known) make a speech aligning the EDL with the police, who apparently “allow our democracy”, and trying to craftily get himself in with the pro-Tory mood sweeping the nation by criticising the “so-called fucking students” and their disgusting revolt. It will be interesting to see how this new line sits with the pissed up pig-baiting violent numbskulls that congregate at every EDL demo.


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