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In the run up to Christmas, Brighton’s local death dealers, EDO MBM, were handed three days of gift-wrapped action by Smash EDO campaigners.

On Monday (13th), they were bombarded with a surprise noise demo at 10am. Around 15 protesters gathered to vocalise their anger over the company’s immoral practices and in response to the ‘Anti-repression’ call to action.

Tuesday (14th) saw three people glued and locked to the bomb factory’s gates at 6am. Staff were unable to gain access until Paul Hills, EDO MD, once again had to angle-grind through his fence to allow his minions in. Police were soon on site but by 9am had packed up their notepads and headed off into the unknown. It seems Hills would rather avoid another round in court following his dirty business coming under close examination during the Decommissioners trial last July (see SchNEWS 729). At 11am, everyone detached themselves from the gates and walked away with no arrests.

The final chapter for this year was a last noise demo on Wednesday, with 10 cacophonous agitators belting out their dissent din for 2 hours.

The saga will continue on January 5th when the noise demos start back up.



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