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Bristol anti-militarists targeted high street arms trade investors in a day of up-fer-it action last Saturday (22nd).

Armed with a list of companies up to their neck in war profiteering, around 80 protesters kicked off the action by invading a branch of Barclays in Broadmead. Staff slammed the doors shut after the first protesters walked inside but were forced to open them again to let out customers. As they did, more activists swarmed past security and occupied the building. Minor scuffles broke out when police and security finally ejected them and the bank then remained shut the rest of the day.

The party was far from over though, and the rolling demo moved on to target branches of Lloyds TSB, Natwest, HSBC and Vodafone, where several protesters blocked the doorway. Despite a bit of argy bargy with the cops, there were no arrests.


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