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Yes the corrupt financial system has virtually bankrupted the masses, but that’s no problem for the tiny percentage who became super-rich at their expense. They’ve earned a jet-set life of sultanic luxury and swinging leisure.

And what with all the austerity measures and the economy struggling, action is desperately needed to boost Britain’s precious industries. So bright sparks at the goverment-funded tourism agency VisitBritain think they have come up with a win-win solution.

They’re spending £10m on a campaign trying to woo millionaires to these shores to take more “dreamlike, unreal fairytale” holidays. Some aristocratic pampering in a stately homes, perhaps smoking your own kippers, or taking your own steam train out for spin.

The push is for selling the “refined, exclusive and sophisticated rather than the decadent and ostentatious” (quite where that line is drawn is obviously a little difficult for those of us slaving away on the minimum wage to say).

Apparently the really wealthy, “love understated wealth but revel in utter exclusivity and the feeling of total freedom money brings”. Look out for the understated poor who revel in the feeling of total freedom that poverty brings...


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