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Rossport Solidarity activists were on hand to foil Shell’s attempt to begin work on their on-shore pipeline at Aughoose in Erris, County Mayo on Tuesday (29th).

With the climate criminals’ lackies laying down road and putting up fencing to secure the site, activists began blockading the road by standing in front of arriving trucks. The seven activists were set upon by the Gardai, who even threw protesters into a ditch.

Not to be deterred, ten minutes later two protesters locked on outside the main gates. They too were attacked by Gardai, abetted by security thugs from IRMS.

Despite the violence undaunted activists continued with the blockades. On the road to Bangor Erris, eight people blocked trucks carrying equipment. The final action of the day came when a security guard tried to stop any blockade of the entrance by parking his vehicle in the gateway.

However, one cheeky green turned the obstacle to his advantage by locking on underneath the vehicle, where he remained until morning, preventing the days work from getting underway. The action provoked yet another violent response, with 70 IRMS gorillas involved.

With the opening salvos fired in what is set to be a long battle, the Rossport Solidarity crew are calling out for days of action against the project today (1st) and tomorrow (2nd).

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