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Brighton May Day Protests - 12pm, Saturday 30th April Mayday in Brighton will arrive a day early this year as mass celebations and anti-cuts demonstrations are planned from midday on Saturday 30th. Groups pledging support include Smash EDO, UK Uncut, Climate Camp, No Borders, Squatters Network, Hunt Sabs, Anti-fascists and more... (read about reasons behind groups’ participation in the event zine at

There will be soundsystems, a riot of colour, games, frolics and maybe even the odd bit of paint.

The location for the main event is being kept secret for now to avoid the kind of kettling tactics deployed by Brighton cops as a matter of routine, although a Critical Mass gathering has been announced for 10.30am on the Level.

Stay in touch on the day and obtain the location details: Twitter: #brightonmayday tel: 07950 889281

*There are Mayday demo’s planned all around the country - for more see


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