SchNEWS 777, 1st July 2011
Libya: Anti-Nato Classes - The bombs are still falling on Tripoli in yet another British intervention on behalf of Arab human rights in the Middle East (the 46th since 1945). What started out as a U.N backed campaign  supposedly to protect anti-Gaddafi elements from a massacre has turned into reckless use of air-power to oust Gadaffi from power. And yet the UK peace movement is virtually nowhere to be seen.

SchNEWS 776, 24th June 2011
Squatting on Heaven's Door - As expected: Following the opportunistic yelps of a jumped-up tory media-whore, against the background of a right-wing ideological crusade, the criminalisation of squatting is now on parliament’s agenda. This week the government announced a brief consultation period was under-way on the issue of occupation without authorisation. The sights of the Tory legislative blunderbuss are slowly being zeroed in, battle lines are being drawn and arguments rehearsed. As every day goes by, the corporate press prejudice people further against one of the few remaining laws that empowers the many against the few.

SchNEWS 775, 17th June 2011
Flaming June? - Is the big fight on? Union responses to the Tory cuts have so far been fairly muted - the M26 outing, resembling a cross between a family picnic and a Labour Party rally. However on June 30th the largest public sector strikes since the 80s are planned. With the Daily Mail claiming that ‘Union Barons’ plan to ‘unleash hell’, what’s actually going to happen?

SchNEWS 774, 10th June 2011
Going to Hell-as - Over a thousand migrants have been arrested and made homeless over the last two months after the Greek government launched a sweeping crackdown in the port city of Igoumenitsa. Last month the Greek government announced the scorched earth policy at Igoumenitsa alongside plans to begin the construction of 14 new detention and deportation centres.

SchNEWS 773, 27th May 2011
No Spain, No Gain - We've got the Arab Spring – what about a European summer? It's a week since thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators pitched up in central Madrid - and revolution fever is spreading across Europe like nits in a playground. With the Spanish sit-in still going strong, street demonstrations have also hit Greece, Georgia, and, er, Bristol. Protests are spreading to Italy, France, Portugal, Austria even German - could it be that last year's initial protests against austerity measures are maturing, one year on, into a broader demand for political reform?

SchNEWS 772, 20th May 2011
A Bit of Hows Yer Intifada? - A mass non-violent (or at least unarmed) resistance movement is on the move in Palestine. Inspired by the events in neighbouring Arab countries but drawing on decades of resistance - the Third Intifada may be here. The waves of the Arab movement are beginning to lap at the Israeli shore.

SchNEWS 771, 13th May 2011
Fracking Hell - A few months since Fukishima, nearly a year since Deepwater Horizon but the global elite aren’t resting on their laurels and it looks like we won’t have to wait too long for the fossil fuel industry to cause the next environmental apocalypse. New kid on the block is the appropriately named ‘fracking’ – or, more explicitly: hydraulic fracturing, a method of extracting natural gas from shale rock layers thousands of feet deep – and its coming here soon.

SchNEWS 770, 6th May 2011
Baa Baa Black Block - Operation Brontide swung into full force last week, coincidentally just before the Royal wedding. Cops claim to be after 276 people for offences including violent disorder and criminal damage committed during the March for the Alternative on 26th March. In fact this is  a legally dubious fishing exercise designed to seize equipment and display state power.

SchNEWS 769, 29th April 2011
Stoking the Fires - Last Thursday (21st), the Stokes Croft area of Bristol was the scene of violent clashes between police and protesters of  he kind not seen in the city since 1980. The hours of rioting that lasted from 9pm until five or six the following morning were prompted firstly by the eviction of the Telepathic Heights squat, and then tapped into deep anger in the community against the opening of another unwanted Tesco store

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Yes the world of alternative jounalism was rocked to it’s core this week as SchNEWS International’s mogul boss Rupert Makepeace announced the sudden closure of the paper. Britain’s most well-loved anarcho-newsheet has been serving up it’s unpopular brand of poorly researched facts, corporate and political sleaze, eco-terror propaganda and non-gender specific titillation for 168 months, and commentators are still in shock that it will be no more.

Making the announcement Rupert didn’t say, “It’s a minor shame that I have to do this, but the hacking scandal [where rogue employees were found to have been hacking together articles stealing bits of  Indymedia articles] has engulfed and tainted the whole SOTW brand.

When big important activists start saying they’ll boycott the listings pages - and people are calling for the head of my flame-haired right-hand man, Jo Makepeace [under whose stewardship the whole scandal began] - well I’d rather just close the whole thing down... and open up a near identical SchUN on Sunday from next week, with fewer staff on worse contracts with reduced biscuit supplies.

Right, now can I get on with my takeover bid for Reel News?



Joking aside – and who couldn’t resist a smile at the demise of one of our favourite hate-icons –  the abrupt closure of Murdoch’s, and Britain’s, best selling newspaper title? The story? Another shrewd, cynical power-play by one of the most arrogant of the super-elites in charge of the top table of UK plc.    

It’s not surprising that the News of the World is shutting its doors. It’s unlikely that NOTW would have ever recovered the dubious respectability it might have had before it’s editors and journos were caught red-handed robbing data from the victims of 7-7 terrorist attacks and serial killers. The whole newspaper sector is on the wane, crowded out by TV and the internet as people get their entertain-uality from other sources.  All paper circulations are in steady decline (except SchNEWS of course) and Murdoch will certainly be aware of all this and be thinking its not that bad a time for a rethink.


So closing the NOTW is a bold move designed to detoxify News International, spare politicians’ blushes and save his management team’s jobs (at the expense of everyone else’s) while being a good way to restructure his empire. A clever attempt to draw a line under the whole sordid phone hacking affair. And it’s obvious he’s fully expecting the reward for his ‘sacrifice’ to be the go-ahead for his BskyB television takeover.

But will the rest of the ‘establishment’ and the mainstream press let him get away with it? Well, more than probably – after he knows where all the bodies are buried and who did the burying, and whom they were sleeping with at the time. Not to mention it may sweep under the carpet and into history (well, until the next time) the whole question of such dodgy press behaviour - police and politicians aiding and abetting all the way – and allow a whole generation of mainstream journo scum to heave a collective sigh of relief.


But the tabloids still dominate the ‘papers-sphere’, with the Sun and NOTW selling near 3 million – the Daily Mail 2m, The Mirror 1.2m and all the broadsheets combined (including the Torygraph and Murdoch’s own Times) still selling less than the Mail.

 In short near 80% of the available mass newspaper publications spew a constant diet of right-wing propaganda and celebrity drivel on to the collective consciousness, driving the mainstream news agenda.  Paper sales may be sliding but there’s plenty of years’ brand life in the old dogs yet. So it’s hard to imagine a future where the Sun doesn’t launch a Sunday version after whatever Murdoch considers a respectable period of time has lapsed. The king is dead, long live the King!



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