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WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!! No more fash by the sea
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So long........ and thanks for all the Fash

Anti-fascists in Brighton were pleasantly surprised this morning to discover that far-right bellends the March for England have announced that they are set to tarnish the streets of some other unfortunate town next St George’s Day.

They’re claiming that from now on the march will alternate annually from Brighton to an as yet unspecified northern town ‘by the seaside’ (are you holding your breath Blackpool?…we bet you are). Having previously vowed never to retreat from Brighton unless it was once more 100% British, or they lay blood-drenched beneath a St George’s Cross, we’re taking their temporary retreat as the abject surrender it is.

Here’s a brief rundown of the March for England as seen through SchNEWS's frontline eye:

'Fash,Bang, Wallop' 2012 , 'Mobs & Coppers' 2013 , 'It rained on their parade' 2014

If the MfE crowd don’t announce a last minute change of mind, we will no doubt be out and about having a drink with the local anti-fascists on the day. Why not join us?

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